For your appraisals, call Richard E. (Gene) Cobb for a honest and accurate appraisals of your real estate and equipment.

Want help buying or selling Real Estate? Call Gene Cobb and let him help.

He has sold numerous types of real property, including residential, commercial & agricultural propeties, which included attractive residential homes located in Elk City, Sayre, Carter, Erick and other communities in Western Oklahoma. Gene Cobb Auction Company has sold farm and ranch property that included a 5000 acre ranch in Beckham and Harmon Counties. For help with selling your real estate call:



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Advantages of selling Real Estate at Auctions

Expediency. Often a sale is within one month, which results in prompter settlement and better cash flow. For the estate sale client, it means the prompt reallocation of resources.
An Established Sale Date creates an urgency to buy
Reduction of Negotiation. The sellers set the terms, and the bidders set the price.
Exposure. Auctions expose properties to a large number of buyers in a short period of time.
Value is confirmed by the contending bidders increasing their bids during the auction. Buyers, not sellers, determine the market value. While a minimum price can be assued if required by the seller, there is no limit to the maximum.
Convenience and Efficiency. An auctioneer handles the entire project, from initial cleanup to disposal of personal property and transfer of title.
A Professional Marketing Effort, inlcuding a brochure and/or catalog will showcase the property.

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